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Nonesense, 37 YO Gay Female From Glasgow 
Seeking Male / Female Friends aged 17 - 80+
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JOINED 14-MAR-2009
A lesbian with cats... Who knew
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One day Ill get a penguin
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Personal Information

  Relationship Status : Married Exercise : Occasionally
  Body Type : Stocky Nationality : Irish
  Height : 5' 6" (168 cm) Religion : Atheist
  Hair Colour : Light Brown Ethnicity : Caucasian
  Eye Colour : Blue Education : Third Level
  Best Feature : Eyes Area of Work : Education / Training
  Smoking Habits: Never Leisure Time : Most Evenings
  Drinking Habits: Occasionally    

About Me   What I Like  

I'm from Dulin, living in Glasgow with my wife and daughter at the moment. On here to keep up to date with whats going on at home and hopefully meet some new friends.

I have met some very random but extremely lovely people through Gaire over the years and long may it continue!!

I like rocks and shiny things. Easily distracted. I am very random at times.

I am attached, please don't send me requests to hook up. I'm not interested!

My Godlike name as chosen by Ery:

Hecate is the Third and final one of the Triple Goddess. She is the Goddess of the New Moon. She was also the Goddess of the Crossroads and the Witch Goddess. She was Thracian in origin, and she dwelt in the Underworld with Hades and Persephone. She was the daughter of the Titans Perses and Asteria(daughter of Phoebe and Coeus), both were symbols of shining light. Later she was said to be of Zeus and Hera. There were a couple other people thrown in there, too, because everyone had a theory but no one agreed. She was the Dark Link between the Underworld and Earth. Her children were Medea, Apsyrtus (a ghost) (but more often they were said to have other moms). Of course, this all sounds well and good, but it doesn't get to the meat of her. Hecate was super. She was very respected on Olympus and recognized by everyone as having a lot of power. She tended towards beneficence (helping the gods against the giants, helping Galinthias after she got turned into a cat by Hera, helping out when Demeter was looking for Persephone), but people were pretty afraid of that power (which definitely included wealth, victory and wisdom, not to mention sailing and hunting) and the fact that she could choose to withhold her "luck". So much coolness! Forget about her being the queen of witches and a boogieman for kids who liked to sneak out, she was everything that fits those of us enchanted by the idea of a fierce, if underground, women's power. Scary, yes, but they used to set up statues of her to keep away baddies, too. And the sacrifices of food to her were left at the crossroads at the end of the month where they were eaten by the poor.
My friends tend to be quite funny and random......like me. I say silly stuff to make people laugh and I like similar people. I don't like seriousness much, so even if you think I am being a cow, I'm more than likely joking or being sarcastic. You'll get me eventually, and if ye don't, have a beer and you might.

Interests & Hobbies  

  Music : Dance, Pop, R&B and Soul, Rock  
  Films : Animated, Classics, Comedy, Thrillers  
  Books : Crime & Mystery, Humour, LGBT, Romance, Thrillers  
  Sports : Aerobics, Basketball, Cycling, Football, Gym, Jogging, Pool, Rugby, Surfing, Swimming, Walking, Yoga  
  Hobbies :  Board Games, Clubbing, Computers, Cooking, Dining Out, Entertaining, Musical Instruments, Photography, Shopping, Travelling, Video Games, Videos / DVDs, Walking  
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