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JOINED 14-MAY-2015
Mens Echo Jumpsuit
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About Us  

Bursar Systems was founded in 2009, Flirtywomen Boutique is an umbrella of our company which has rapidly risen to being one of the Irelands leading independent Lingerie retailers. Focusing on exciting up and coming European brands like Axami, Andalea, Chilirose, Obsessive, Fiore hosiery, Lolitta lingerie and Beauty Night lingerie Poland. Provocative lingerie France has been also a very successful brand for us.
Flirtywomen have mainly focused on the Polish lingerie market as it has proofed far more superior selling high quality merchandise in beautiful gift boxes.
We appreciate feedback from our customers so feel free on letting us know your favourite brand and we will try source it. We buy direct from all our manufacturers.
Flirty Women is an on-line shop ONLY for sexy lingerie, sexy bedroom costumes, wigs, corsets, dresses, club wear and stockings. We ship worldwide with no logos or invoices in or out of packages. We are downloading new inventory daily!! 
Please contact if you have any questions as your feedback is important to us.
We accept the following payments on our site.
PayPal is the world's largest online payment network, serving over 140 million members in 80 countries. You do not have to have a Paypal account or set up Paypal to make a payment through Paypal.
Sage Pay:
Shopify is known as one of the most trusted payment companies in Europe,    

Contact Phone: 0858745057
Bursar Systems
Co Wicklow

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Interests & Hobbies  

  Music : Reggae  
  Films : Crime / Gangster, Romantic, Thrillers  
  Books : Biographies, Crime & Mystery  
  Sports : Cycling, Rugby  
  Hobbies :  Computers, Dining Out, Shopping  
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