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Shavano, 35 YO Gay Male 
Seeking Male / Female Friends aged 17 - 80+
Basic Member  |  Send Message  |  7045 Posts  |  Online : 13-Apr-21 at 22:45

JOINED 25-FEB-2004
Moi and Jim
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Who dha man!
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Personal Information

  Relationship Status : Attached Exercise : Regularly
  Body Type : Stocky Nationality : Romanian
  Height : 6' 1" (185 cm) Religion : Pagan
  Hair Colour : Dark Brown Ethnicity : Caucasian
  Eye Colour : Green Education : Postgraduate
  Best Feature : Hmmm Area of Work : Healthcare / Medical
  Smoking Habits: Never Leisure Time : Most Evenings
  Drinking Habits: Occasionally    

About Me   What I Like  

From the Lavender Lands, and the space in between,
from the cracks in the world, in what little was seen,
there lay the Queer Ones, with once secret love,
that rose from below and descend from above,

To bridge now the gap that exists in our hearts,
to heal the pain that has torn us apart.
Bring us your laughter and lend us your song.
Join in the struggle endured for so long,

That we now might taste of the water of life,
and be free from the curse that has caused us such strife.
Let us remember our power and place
of our home from the stars, in our sweet ones embrace,

To reclaim now the ancient blessing once given,
from the Goddess of Earth, the God of the Heaven:
For ours is the wisdom of moon and of earth,
We stand at the gate between death and of birth.

As the mothers of souls, and the fathers of beauty
We walk between the worlds, like the strands of eternity...

Although I have found him I'm open to friendship with just about anyone, so if your interesting and intrested let me know

Interests & Hobbies  

  Music : Classical, Dance, Jazz, Pop, R&B and Soul, World & Folk  
  Films : Action & Adventure, Documentaries, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy  
  Books : Biographies, Cookery, Horror, Humour, Mind Body & Spirit, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Science & Nature, Thrillers  
  Sports : Jogging, Pilates, Swimming, Walking, Yoga  
  Hobbies :  Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Drawing, Gardening, Painting, Photography, Travelling, Walking, Writing  
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